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Websites & Drone Services

One of the new services I offer is providing drone piloting services for businesses.

I also, can still develop basic web sites for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs, but there are so many low cost-self-management-web-site tools available that this is not very lucrative for me anymore. So I have cut back and primarily do my own sites.

An example of one of my recently developed websites is shown below. If you want a site developed with Word Press please contact me here. Logo

This web site is a redesign of this current website to focus on a more "responsive" design as required by Google. It is built on WordPress 4.4.1 and uses a free template provided by my web hosting company. The Word Press blogging software has been significantly improved a offers a very clean and simple style and has a very quick response on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones of all sizes.


Drone Services is a new area for me. I have recently purchased my first drone and have been using it for personal use and for free services for some of my neighbors. Currenly I am only authorized to use my drone without charging. I am in the process of studying for the FAA's  Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certification (sUAS). As soon as I achieve certification I will be marketing my services to businesses and individuals.

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